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Reading: “Pseudohamartoma” in a lactating breast


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“Pseudohamartoma” in a lactating breast


M. Kaviratna ,

Apeksha Hospital, AU
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Department of Radiology
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D. S. Gunawardena

Royal Perth Hospital, AU
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Department of Radiology
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This case report describes a gross asymmetric breast enlargement due to a large galactocele and a rapidly growing benign phyllodes tumour in a lactating mother. Imaging appearance of this combination has not been reported previously. Simultaneous occurrence of these two pathologies has given rise to “pseudo-hamartoma appearance” in the mammogram as we illustrate here.
How to Cite: Kaviratna, M. and Gunawardena, D.S., 2020. “Pseudohamartoma” in a lactating breast. Sri Lanka Journal of Radiology, 6(1), pp.15–19. DOI:
Published on 30 Jul 2020.
Peer Reviewed


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