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Reading: Current Status of Breast MRI –Clinical applications


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Current Status of Breast MRI –Clinical applications


Deepika Gunawardena

Department of Radiology, Royal Perth Hospital, LK
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Breast MRI is a powerful imaging tool with an excellent sensitivity around 94-100%, especially when double read, to detect cancers which are otherwise occult. However, lower specificity and high false positivity rates, demands histological confirmation of MRI only detected lesions to prevent possible over treatment. In order to maintain high standards and cost effectiveness of breast MRI, careful patient selection is as important as maintaining a meticulous technique or radiologist expertise. Breast MRI is useful at every phase of breast cancer management such as early detection, pre-operative staging, monitoring neo-adjuvant chemotherapy and identifying recurrences. This is a review on current best practice, for clinical applications of breast MRI.


Sri Lanka Journal of Radiology Vol.1 2015: 1-5

How to Cite: Gunawardena, D., (2015). Current Status of Breast MRI –Clinical applications. Sri Lanka Journal of Radiology. 1, pp.1–5. DOI:
Published on 25 Mar 2015.
Peer Reviewed


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